About us

My work is my hobby. Philipp Ohnemus

Since 1997, Ingenieurbüro Philipp Ohnemus has been involved in the creation of databases and now has over 130 customers.

Until May 2017, the company consisted of two people:
Philipp Ohnemus, managing director and software developer and wife Angelika Ohnemus, who takes care of all administrative tasks.

Since May 2017, our team has received reinforcement. Elena Craig is working as the second generation in the engineering office Philipp Ohnemus and will increasingly take care of the further development of web-based databases.

James Craig has been part of the company since the beginning of 2020. With his many years of experience in software development, we have successfully implemented the first cloud project.

How it all began
After studying mechanical engineering at the Mannheim University of Cooperative Education, Philipp Ohnemus worked for ten years as a plant engineer for ABB Brown Boveri AG in Mannheim. In 1987, he moved to Sandoz Technologie AG in Basel, where he was responsible for maintenance for five years and was able to gain his first experience with IT in the field of maintenance. Even then, he worked with the Microsoft (MS) Office Access application, which can be used to create and manage databases.

After another five years at Iroka AG in Therwil, where he was responsible for plant planning, he decided to start his own business. The core product at that time was the IPS database (IPS = Maintenance Planning System). Through his many years of experience as a plant engineer, Philipp Ohnemus knew exactly what was important in maintenance in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors and was able to profitably incorporate this knowledge into the creation of the IPS database.

With now 20 years of professional experience as an independent software developer in the field of databases and data management, his customers today do not only include companies from the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors. Today, many companies from a wide range of industries use the databases created by Ingenieurbüro Philipp Ohnemus to their advantage. Here you can find an overview of our top customers.