Customized database and data management solutions in the field of maintenance and enterprise management

Microsoft Access and MS SQL Server Backend

Our team of skilled professionals offers expertise in Microsoft Access and MS SQL Server, the industry-leading database management systems. Leveraging Microsoft Access as a user-friendly front-end interface and MS SQL Server as a robust and scalable backend, we create comprehensive database solutions that empower businesses to streamline their data management processes, optimize workflows, and improve productivity.

Modern JavaScript Frameworks for Browser-Based Applications

With our proficiency in modern JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular, or Vue.js, we develop cutting-edge, browser-based applications that offer seamless data integration, advanced data management, and enhanced user experiences. Our expertise in building responsive, interactive, and intuitive user interfaces allows businesses to provide engaging experiences to their users across various devices and platforms.

Cloud Architecture with AWS and Azure

Our team is experienced in cloud architecture using AWS and Azure, two of the leading cloud platforms. We design, develop, and deploy cloud-native applications, leveraging the scalability, reliability, and flexibility of these cloud platforms. This enables businesses to harness the power of the cloud, achieve agility, and scale their applications to meet the demands of their growing user base.

Containerization with Docker and Kubernetes

We excel in containerizing applications with Docker and Kubernetes, allowing for seamless deployment, management, and scaling of applications in containerized environments. This enables businesses to achieve consistency, portability, and scalability across different environments, ensuring smooth application deployment and management.

MS Excel Solutions for Data Management and Analysis

We are also experts in implementing Microsoft Excel for data management and analysis. From creating customized Excel solutions for data entry, data analysis, and reporting, to automating repetitive tasks and creating advanced data models, we provide comprehensive Excel solutions that empower businesses to optimize their data-driven decision-making processes.

On-Premise Solutions

In addition to cloud-based solutions, we also provide on-premise solutions for businesses that require their database systems and applications to be hosted and managed locally. Our team has extensive expertise in designing, implementing, and maintaining on-premise solutions using Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, JavaScript frameworks, containerization technologies, and Microsoft Excel, providing businesses with flexibility and control over their data and applications.

Partner with us to leverage the power of Microsoft Access, MS SQL Server, modern JavaScript frameworks, cloud architecture with AWS and Azure, containerization with Docker and Kubernetes, and expertise in MS Excel. With great know-how and many years of experience, we offer end-to-end database and data management solutions that encompass a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, helping your business achieve innovation, agility, and outstanding results in today’s dynamic digital landscape. From the beginning of our partnership, we accompany you and support you with words and deeds. Together with you, we design database applications that are specially tailored to your needs:

  • Consulting and analysis
  • Installation
  • Data transfer from the previous system
  • User training
  • Support and maintenance – by telephone, remote maintenance via Internet or on site
  • Optimization